Welcome to Ford-Gelatt, a SunSource company. The Ford-Gelatt mission is to supply industrial process equipment to the process industries with a focus on adding value. Our people are technically sound and highly experienced.


We add value in equipment sales

  • Being technically well equipped to evaluate applications and offer process and equipment recommendations that build customer profitability.
  • Offering systems packaging to reduce the burden on overburdened engineering staffs in the process industries and reduce installed capital cost.
  • Providing full repair services, planned or emergency, for the equipment we supply.If you have requests or comments during your visit to our site, please visit our contact page or e-mail sales@ford-gelatt.com.
  • Being available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week to help the process industries whenever you need the help. For after hours service today, call 225-910-1218. Stocking critical items to meet emergency and urgent delivery needs.

Sunsource Ford-Gelatt

18359 Petroleum Dr
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Phone: (225) 752-0267
Fax: (225) 755-3590
After Hours (225) 752-0267